solar energy  is right for you.
Almika Energy’s solar consultants will take a look at your electricity usage and your house to find the right solar panel set-up for you. Most houses will save money by generating electricity with solar panels. But if yours isn’t one of them, we’ll let you know.

So How Does Solar Work?

Get a Free Design
We’ll go over things like roof size, orientation, shade from trees or adjacent buildings andweather offset your usage with 100% renewable solar energy.

Get Started with No Money Down
About 30-45 days after you and Almika’s consultant agree on a plan, we’ll come back to your house and install the whole system within 2 days.

Complete Docs
We’ll get some info from you so we can take care of financing, permits (if necessary) and all those other details.

Look Outside at Your Free Power!
Every hour the sun is shining outside, your solar panels are sending sustainable energy through your house and savings back to you.

Installation Services
Home PV / Commercial PV / Thermal / Wind

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